How to Fix the Error Content Index State Failed and Suspended in Exchange Server 2013?

Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Abstraction.OperationFailedException: The component operation has failed.

— -> Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Engine.FeedingSkippedForCorruptionException: “Feeding was skipped for ‘63fe7551–8100–4e3e-9a3e-4b14744eddb6 (DBX01)’ due to the state ‘Failed’, error code: ‘CatalogCorruption’, failure code: ‘2400519’, failure reason: ‘Failed to initialize FastServer: Generation mismatch: 0 < GID[82381] [IndexName=63FE7551–8100–4E3E-9A3E-4B14744EDDB612.Single]’.” at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Engine.SearchFeedingController.InternalExecutionStart() at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Common.Executable.InternalExecutionStart(Object state) — — End of inner exception stack trace — — at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Core.Common.Executable.EndExecute(IAsyncResult asyncResult) at Microsoft.Exchange.Search.Engine.SearchRootController.ExecuteComplete(IAsyncResult asyncResult)

stop-service MSExchangeFastSearch
stop-service HostControllerService

start-service MSExchangeFastSearch
start-service HostControllerService



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